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Please Note: The books listed below are out-of-print first editions. To order the most recent publications, please see Marc Paulsen's Amazon page.

Audacious Escapades in the Fabulous Columbia River Gorge

First Edition published 2010

From early experiences as a thirteen-year-old hitchhiker on the historic old Columbia River Highway to hopping freight trains and sleeping in railroad "hobo jungles," Marc Paulsen's life has been one long series of unique adventures. His pursuits have included hunting and fishing, hot-rodding, auto and motorcycle racing, biplane aerobatics, parachuting, Learjet copilot, airplane sales, collecting antique airplanes and autos and dealing in rare books. This book recounts a few wild and crazy adventures in Oregon's beautiful and fascinating Columbia River Gorge.

The Amazing Story of the Fabulous Medjool Date

First Edition published 2008

A Dramatic Saga of Suspense. Read the gripping firsthand account of one of the most miraculous rescues from almost certain extinction ever achieved in the field of world horticultrue.

Learn About the Many Labor-Intensive Operations to Grow a Medjool Date. Learn the compelling and comprehensive story of the extraordinary investment of human effort, natural resources, perseverance and dedication required to propagate a Medjool palm grove and produce a successful crop of this delectable gourmet delicacy.

Magic In The Air

First Edition published 2012

Yes, there really was such a time! During that period, when an airworthy used airplane could be purchased for the price of a used car, the author bought a Piper Cub (J-3 model) and then learned to fly. He proceeded to own ten different airplanes and have quite a number of lively aerial experiences. He has penned a collection of stories drawn from his aerial adventures (and misadventures) describing the ex­hilaration of flying free with the birds in one’s very own airplane, plus the perils of sometimes pushing the risk envelope (regarding the plane’s and the pilot’s limits) a bit too far. The age-old adage, “Good judgment comes from experience...and experience comes from bad judgment” applies in spades to some of these stories!